Helmholtz Virtual Institute for Gasification Technology - HVIGasTech


The HVIGasTech is is focused on the elaboration of a scientifically sound basis for the design and operation of technical energy conversion systems based on high pressure entrained flow gasification technology with a wide range of different fuels as feedstock for future stable energy supply systems. The scientific work to be delivered under the HVIGasTech will contribute strongly to the objectives of German and EU energy politics, e.g. EU SET plan and Energy Concept of the German Government with improvement of the efficiency of fuel conversion processes including the application of poly-generation technologies, further development and accelerated commercial deployment of selected state-of-the-art bioenergy technologies, improvement of fuel flexibility and making low-carbon technologies affordable and competitive.

The basic concept of sustainability and added value of HVIGasTech is schematically illustrated in Figure below. The promotion of young scientists through a well-defined and organized education and exchange program, based on elements offered by HVIGasTech as well as by the participating Helmholtz Centres and universities, is fixed as a superior objective of the research cooperation. The research policy aims to sustainably link Helmholtz research centres with German universities and European research institutions.