Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)

Combustion Research Laboratory (CRL)

The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is a multi-disciplinary research centre for natural sciences and technology. PSI collaborates with national and international universities, other research institutions and industry in the areas of solid-state research and materials sciences, particle physics, life sciences, energy research and environmental research. PSI concentrates on basic and applied research, particularly in those fields which are at the leading edge of scientific knowledge, but also contribute to the training of the next generation and pave the way to sustainable development of society and economy. The Institute is actively involved in the transfer of new discoveries into industry, and offers, as an international centre of competence, its services to external organizations.

PSI employs 1400 members of staff, making it the largest of the national research institutions – and the only one of its kind within Switzerland. It develops, builds and operates complex large scale research facilities that impose particularly high requirements in terms of knowledge, experience and professionalism. PSI is one of the world’s leading user laboratories for the national and international scientific community.

The Combustion Research Laboratory (CRL) at the Paul Scherrer Institute investigates the fundamentals of industrially relevant combustion & gasification systems. The lab employs 30+ persons in 4 organizational units with a focus on high-efficiency, low emission energy conversion systems such as gas turbines and internal combustion engines. For the integration of solid fuel feedstock (like biomass) gasification systems and product gas cleaning & synthesis processes are being studied. A specifically strong knowledge base & expertise has been accumulated on laser-based non-intrusive techniques as well as for extractive diagnostic tools applicable to high pressure/high temperature environments and to catalytic systems for ultra-low emissions and synthesis of substitute natural gas.

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