Technical University of Vienna

Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering

TU Wien is the largest University of Technology in Austria with more than 30.000 students. The Institute of Chemical, Environmental & Bioscience Engineering - which will take over the responsibilities in this project - is a department of the Faculty of Chemistry at TU Wien. Fundamental as well as applied research is carried out in different research areas. The number of scientific employees is about 120. TU Wien is well known for thermal conversion of biomass and has one of the leading biomass gasification research groups in Europe. The main focus is biomass gasification in fluidized beds, including gas treatment and synthesis applications. TU Wien has effectively combined their deep expertise on fluidized bed technologies with practical gasification development and demonstration carried out in co-operation with industries. A novel process has been developed based on a dual fluidized bed (DFB) configuration which is able to produce a high quality grade syngas. The Institute has also been involved in the main research at the demonstration plant of the DFB-process in Güssing, Austria with a fuel input of 8 MW and in several other DFB-plants (Oberwart, Ulm, Burgeis, Thailand). The research work in the area of gasification is presently focused on the one hand on improvements of the gasifier itself (advanced G-volution gasifier), on the other hand on different product gas applications, e.g. Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, mixed alcohols, hydrogen from biomass, or to produce synthetic natural gas. Also gas treatment, e.g. removal of chlorine and sulfur components is investigated in different research projects and is a major focus of activities.

TU Vienna: