Umea University

Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

Umeå University is with its 34 000 students and 4 000 one of the nation's leading institutions of higher education, and the largest in northern Sweden. Umeå University's departments and units are organised under four faculties; arts, medicine, social sciences and science and technology. In addition, research and education is carried out at seven shools and institutes, and sixteen research centres. The University has strong interaction between research, education, collaboration and innovation that plays a crucial role in the regional development.
The research at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics is conducted in two different subjects: Energy Technology and Electronics and System Engineering. In the Energy Technology area, the research group Thermochemical Energy Conversion Laboratory (TEC-Lab) is the largest, with research mainly focused on biomass combustion and gasification, but also on other solid and liquid fuels. The fundamental research is dedicated to gain deeper understanding of the fuel conversion processes as well as the ash and trace metal transformations at high temperatures, and it is based on a long and proud tradition of high temperature inorganic chemistry and equilibrium modelling. E.g. the worldwide used software FactSage was originally developed at Umeå University. Furthermore, applied and often multidisciplinary research is performed where competences within engineering, chemistry, physics, environmental science and medicine interacts. The overall aim with the research is to provide new knowledge that will help the society and industry to facilitate an increased use of new fuel materials, develop and improve industrial processes, avoid technical operational problems, re-cycle finite minerals, and minimize harmful by-products and air pollution.
Umeå University is the lead organization for Bio4Energy, a strategic Research Environment appointed by the Swedish government, and the TEC-Lab group includes several key persons including the program manager and the leader for the platform for Thermochemical Conversion Technologies. Bio4Energy is closely linked to Bio4Gasification and the Swedish Gasification Centre.

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