Energy research Center of the Netherlands (ECN)

The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is the leading institute for energy research in the Netherlands. ECN carries out basic and applied research in the fields of renewable energy sources, fossil fuels, environmental aspects of energy supply, policy studies, and the development and application of new materials. ECN Biomass, Coal & Environmental research is (besides environmental research) dedicated to R&D on the thermal conversion of biomass, waste, and coal into power, heat and gaseous & liquid fuels. A staff of 60 people, of which more than half are academics are working on various subjects in the bioenergy field. For more than ten years, ECN has addressed various aspects of the thermal conversion (combustion, gasification and pyrolysis) of biomass and waste in a broad range of national and international projects for government and industry. The expertise of the biomass group of ECN is focused on thermal conversion of biomass and waste, both theoretically and experimentally. A large number of experimental facilities (combustion, gasification, torrefaction, pyrolysis, gas cleaning, catalytic synthesis) are in use for tests both at lab-scale and pilot-scale.

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