llamas ltu

Ángel David García Llamas

PhD research topic
Experimental investigation of biomass devolatilization, relevant for entrained-flow-gasification
Investigation on the parameters of influence on pulverized biomass devolatilization: particle size and shape, heating rate, volume fraction, etc.
High speed imaging techniques to resolve in-situ particle motion dynamics, morphology, temperature and volume fraction among others: Time Resolved Particle Tracking Velocimetry (TRPTV), Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV), ratio pyrometry, backlight imaging and Schlieren systems.
Elementary research on phase and density transformations of biomass particles and jet-like effects due to fast volatile release during devolatilization


Prof. Kentaro Umeki,
Luleå University of Technology


Mechanical / Electrical Engineeringing, University of Oviedo


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