Network of Young Scientists

The Network of Young Scientists (NYS) – HVIGasTech is a platform of communication
and interaction of young scientists. Not only young scientists financed by HVIGasTech
are members of the HVIGasTech-NYS, but also other young scientists from partner
institutions who work on relevant topics (Figure 1). The network contributes to an
open scientific and multidisciplinary exchange. The main tasks of HVIGasTech-NYS are:

• framework for establishing cooperation,
• overcoming research related obstacles in multidisciplinary team,
• sharing of knowledge and
• creating a structure for introduction and training of new young scientists.

Activities of the network include also organization of annual excursions and joint conference participation.


Name Research Topic
Alkali-enhanced gasification of biomass: Laboratory-scale experimental studies
Atomization for High Pressure Entrained Flow Gasification
Behavior and control of slags from the bioliq-gasifier
Biocarbon production for metallurgical industry
Carbon utilization by application of CO2 gasification
Char reaction kinetics at high heat up rates under atmospheric conditions
Experimental investigation of biomass devolatilization relevant for entrained-flow gasification
Fuel droplet conversion in an entrained flow gasifier
Fuel flexible advanced dual fluidized bed steam gasification
Investigation of thermo-chemical processes in the burner near-field of an entrained flow gasifier
Modeling and Balancing of Gasification Processes
Modeling and Simulation of Entrained Flow Gasification
Modelling of premixed syngas combustion in highly swirling flows
Process characteristics of sorption enhanced reforming in an advanced gasification system
Reaction Kinetics of Char Gasification at Elevated Pressures
Reaction kinetics of plastic waste gasification
Renewable Gases for Industry
Two-phase free jet model of an atmospheric entrained flow gasifier
Validation of mathematical models with pilot scale gasification experiments (bioliq®)


Name, Current Institute PhD Topic at HVI GasTech

Alberti, Michael,


Modeling of the gas radiative properties at high pressures
Dönecke, Kerstin Thermochemical Modelling of Slag Systems under Gasification Conditions

Eckel, Georg,


Large Eddy simulation of reacting multi-phase flows

Edinger, Philip,


On-line liquid quench sampling and UV-Vis spectroscopy for tar measurements in wood gasification process gases

Haustein, Herman,

Tel Aviv University

Char gasification at high heat-up rates
Horstenkamp, Andre Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Surface tension of slag systems under Gasification Conditions

Mueller, Andreas,

Buss Chem Tech AG, Pratteln, CH

Char gasification at elevated pressures and temperatures

Nau, Patrick,


Development and Optimization of Absorption Sectroscopy Techniques for Investigation of Combustion Processes

Sänger, Alexander,

DSM Nutritional Producs AG, Sisseln, CH

Atomization of High Viscosity Liquids under Variable System Pressure

Seebold, Sören

Kali & Salz

Influence of Crystallization on Flow Beavior of Oxide Melts

Stoesser, Philipp ,

Smurfit Kappa Zülpich Papier GmbH

Investigation of solid-phase processes during the conversion of biogenic slurry in entrained-flow gasifiers
Tomasello, Andrea Numerical Simulation of Entrained Flow Gasification

Wu, Guixuan,


Modelling and Experimental Validation of the Viscosity of Liquid Phases in Oxide Systems Relevant to Fuel Slags