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PhD Thesis

  • Surface tension of slags – Andre Horstenkamp (FZJ)
  • Viscosity of slags – Guixuan Wu (FZJ)
  • Modeling of the gas radiative properties at high pressures – Michael Alberti (TUC)
  • Conversion of biomass-based slurry in an atmospheric entrained flow gasifier – Christian Hotz (KIT)
  • Large Eddy simulation of reacting multi-phase flows– Georg Eckel (DLR)

  • Modellierung und experimentelle Bestimmung der Viskosität aus der Biomassevergasung – Sören Seebold (FZJ)

  • Transient Processes in Entrained flow gasification – Mark Eberhard (KIT)

  • Atomization of high‐viscosity fluids at elevated ambient pressure – Alexander Sänger (KIT)

  • Char reaction kinetics at high heat up rates under atmospheric conditions – Thobias Kreitzberg (RWTH)

  • Reaction Kinetics of Char Gasification at Elevated Pressures – Christoph Schneider (KIT)