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Georg Eckel

Georg Eckel

Phone: +49 711 6862 769
georg eckelLlz0∂dlr de

Georg Eckel

PhD research topic
Large Eddy simulation of reacting multi-phase flows

HVI Gastech Workpackage
WP 2.1: LES/RANS Simulations
WP 2.2: Numerical Simulation of Entrained Flow Gasifier

Contributions to HVI GasTech
Achieving an efficient and sustainable energy conversion of fossil and biogenic fuels with high fuel flexibility and reduction of pollutant emissions is a major challenge in thermochemical processes. These processes encountered in gas turbine applications both in aerospace and in the energy sector as well as in flow gasification involve multiple phases (i.e. liquid fuel, gaseous oxidizers and solid particles) which have to be efficiently mixed and converted. Detailed simulations taking the multi-phase nature of the flow into account are a promising tool to gain a deeper insight into this topic and contribute to a better understanding. Due to the high complexity, simulation tools for reacting multi-phase flows need continuous further development to capture the intricate phenomena. In this context models for selected issues of gasification within the scope of LES calculations are examined and improved. Amongst others these issues comprise:
• atomization process
• vaporization of emulsions and suspensions
• chemistry under fuel rich conditions
• heterogeneous reactions
• impingement of slag particles at the wall

Aerospace Engineering, University of Stuttgart

Degree, year
Diploma, 2009

At DLR since